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— Case studies —

Brontez Purnell

Exquisite Web Design for your Exquisite Work

HTML CSS Less jQuery UI Kit

The challenge:

This web design was designed to be a portfolio for Brontez Purnell to asist him in applying for grants.

The solution:

The flow of the brontezpurnellartjock.com web design clearly directs the visitor to the call to action. The eye is constantly intrigued and the vertical flow leads it to Brontez's contact information at the bottom.


Focal Point

Pre-Built Web Design Templates


The challenge:

I wanted to create a web design that didn't distract from the work of the artist.

The solution:

Focal Point is a UI Kit theme designed for those who want a distraction-free web design to exhibit their artwork in a stunning but not overwhelming layout.


Grace Avila

Beautiful WordPress Themes

WordPress HTML CSS Less PHP Javascript jQuery UI Kit

The challenge:

Grace's previous web design was static and couldn't even easily be updated with her new phone number.

The solution:

We wanted to update her web design with something fresh and cutting edge to impress her future customers, but we first had to give her the platform for her to easily manage her content now and in the future. WordPress came to the rescue!


Honey Hive Shop

Effective Ecommerce Websites

MySQL Stripe Less PHP Javascript Laravel UI Kit

The challenge:

The Honey Hive Gallery needed an ecommerce platform to sell artwork online during the COVID-19 crisis.

The solution:

Using a simple and sleek web design, the Stripe API, and a database, the Honey Hive Gallery can collect payment and manage inventory.


Web Design Mockup 1 Web Design Mockup 2 Web Design Mockup 3 Web Design Mockup 4

— Clients —

Robyn Web Design Testimonial

Robyn Paper

Made me an excellent website and listened to all my requests and feedback. Super quick, reliable and affordable!"

Chidi Ononuju

Topher has been great, and I've actually had him create a second site for me after he recreated an old one I had. Good value for money, attentive and good at brainstorming to give a better work. I'd definitely recommend."
Chidi Web Design Testimonial
Chidi Web Design Testimonial

Grace Avila

Working with Topher on my new site was a dream. He worked quickly, thoughtfully and was very responsive. I had a lot of questions on updating the site myself. He walked me through all of my concerns, polished out all the details and completed the site very quickly. I love the look of my new site! I would recommend Topher highly.
CSS Design Awards

— Stories —

Web Design Stories


I finished the Honey Hive Gallery music sharing and promotion platform just in time for the new year. As it grows we'll add features, but artists can upload music and pictures and take donations to their Stripe account. It'll be a nice offering to musicians in 2021.


I'm one step closer to finishing! I'm building a music sharing platform for the Honey Hive Gallery and just finished the profile page for artists. They can use a simple UX to update their information, albums, pictures, etc. Soon we'll have an exciting new app for musicians!


My creative projects are pretty much never done. But, I took two days to re-do my website and am finishing up today. It's looking pretty fun with lots of parallax effects. I also made this sweet space for semi-regular updates about creative projects I'm working on. I'm sure I'll be making minor changes to the site for a while until I inevitably do my weekly makeover!

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Web Apps

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Ecommerce Websites Web Design
Portfolio Websites Web Design

Portfolio Websites

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Responsive Web Design
WordPress Themes Web Design

WordPress Themes

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