How much does it Cost to Design a Website?

By Topher | November 2020

There's a lot of fun stuff that goes into showcasing your product or service in a website. And it's important to have a website that's bold and gets the message about how awesome you and what you do are. So let's do it right! There's also a lot of planning that needs to be done before the web design step. One step is asking, "How much does it cost to design a website?" So let's break it down into a few smaller costs, your domain name, your hosting provider, and your big beautiful website.

How Much does a Domain Name Cost?

This is the easy part. There aren't many things to consider when choosing a domain name these days other than, does it stick with your clients. In thinking about how much does it cost to design a website, you'll also have to ask yourself how much does it cost to register a website. Domains generally cost from $10 - $15; it'll probably be your smallest operating cost next to the sticky notes and pens. Top level domains other than .com can be a little more pricey, but most are still comparable. The only other thing to think about might be convenience. Some people find it very helpful to register their domain with the same company that handles their web hosting. Or they at least like to have, when registering multiple domains, them all register with the same registrar, Google Domains.

Which Hosting Company should I Choose?

This one is a little less easy. But determining the cost of your hosting is crucial before asking yourself how much does it cost to design a website. There are several factors in determining which hosting provider to choose and how much it will cost. And, [Surprise!] it all just depends on your needs. Some needs you might have are speed, security, storage space, email, and other nerdy add-ons like databases and FTP access. You may also need to host multiple sites. Shared hosting is usually good for beginners. If you want something faster a VPS or cloud server might be interesting. And, if you want something where you can login to the command line and hack the white house, you'll need a dedicated server with root access. But let's stick with shared hosting as it is the cheapest. Usually providers offer a good inexpensive starter plan. These days they have comparable memory and CPU's, free SSL certificates, ample storage space, at least one email address, MySQL, and FTP for uploading your files to the server from your computer. The Hatchling Plan on Host Gator has all this starting at $2.75/mo. If you need to host more than one website, providers will usually require you to bump up your plan. Host Gator's Baby Plan is still only $3.50/mo. and offers unlimited sites. You might be thinking, this is cheaper than a domain! Well, most companies require about a year of upfront payment. But, you can still find basic web hosting for about $100.

So, How much does it Cost to Design a Website?

This part is the fun part! Once you're setup with all the technical stuff, you can ask yourself how much does it cost to design a website and get crackin'! It's time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish with your website and how a bold new design can help you achieve it. It's important to me to keep web design accessible so my rates are on the lower end of the spectrum; I charge just $33/hr. which usually comes to about $600 for a web design project. Email me at for more information. This is truly the funnest and most creative part of launching a website and it's well worth it.

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