Why you Need a Website in 2020

By Topher | September 2020

Why do you Need a Website in 2020?

Your Customers Expect the Best

It might seem like everyone has a website these days. In fact it might seem like, if you don't, you're missing out. So why wait? Get your brand name out on the web! This is one reason why you need a website in 2020.

Customers may not know that anyone with some pocket change can get a domain name and potentially build their website. But they do know that everyone and their pet has a website these days. Therefore, they're expecting your first class products and services to go above and beyond Sparky's blog site. One reason why you need a website in 2020 is because your customer base will look for it and you better make sure it's there to serve them those products and services.

Give yourself Credit!

Another reason you need a website in 2020 is that it makes your project more credible. Have you ever made a bet with someone then Googled it to prove you won? Chances are you found a site on the topic of your bet and didn't even have to read it to feel validated. This is credibility. These days, simply having a website, makes your brand and message more credible.

Make Money in your Sleep

As technology takes over, building websites is becoming a standard practice. There's more space on the web than ever so real estate prices are low. Building a website was never that expensive but it's a common and inexpensive thing to do these days. Another great reason why you need a website in 2020 is the cost. It's cheap!

Always Open

The great thing about websites these days is that they're always open. Chances are if you're selling something, you're running an ecommcerce site. Making money in your sleep is one reason why you need a website in 2020. Wake up every day to a new and improved balance to your checking account with an ecommerce website that's always up and running so you don't have to be.

Let the web


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